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Private Sector Housing Team-Gateshead Council

The team are part of the Development, Transport and Public Protection service which in turn is part of the Communities and Environment Group at Gateshead Council. Our role is to help people live a better life by improving the housing conditions of residents in the borough. We enforce legislation in relation to the conditions of homes in the borough. We carry out proactive work as well as responding to complaints from tenants and neighbours. We also support landlords to ensure that all privately rented properties in Gateshead are well managed and safe for their occupants. We inspect and license properties under Mandatory and Selective Licensing schemes. We tackle noise and anti-social behaviour. We also work to prevent homelessness, bring empty properties back into use, tackle public health issues such as drainage, accumulations of waste, premises open to access and hoarding.

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Private Sector Housing
Civic Centre
Regent Street
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