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Wing Outdoor Club

The WinG Outdoor Club was established from a dissolved outdoor charity (Wayout in Gateshead) and lives on under more effective management as a constituted club.  Helping people grow and develop who enjoy and appreciate the services of the WinG Outdoor Club.  Operating with integrity and compassion for individuals, groups and families who enjoy nature, adventure and social experiences. Delivered by qualified outdoor  instructor with over 20 years experience.  Providing equipment, guidance, support and inpiration.  Sensitive to emotional well being and delivered in a compassionate, motivational and uplifting manner.  Public Health trained in health and well being promoting enjoyment through outdoor activities.

Outdoor Activities can include:

1)  Forest School 

2)  Country Walks

3)  Hill Walks and Navigation Training

4)  Cycling and Mountain Biking

5)  Outdoor Photography Practice

6)  Canoeing

7)  Rock Climbing

Areas Covered

Contact Person

Nick Coates

Organisation Address

United Kingdom