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Gateshead Jedi Academey

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Gatesheads 1st Jedi Academy for 5 - 11 yr olds
Takes Place on:
Takes place on: 
Times of Session: 
2pm - 3pm
How frequently are these sessions held: 
Every week
Any Exceptions?: 
Details of exceptions (if other): 
if hall being used by church
Date of 1st session: 
Saturday, 3 February, 2018

this is a weekly class for 6 - 11 year old to learn to be  a jedi, with the Light saber, training in Stances, Basics and Dueling with the Light Saber, you can use your own Saber if its ok to duel with, we can supply a saber for the lesson at an extra cost

cost of the one hour lesson is with your own Saber £5 without your own Saber £8

class starts at around 2pm after our Karate class has finished

open to both Boys and Girls

more info visit our facebook page: Gateshead Jedi Academy

St Mary's
Church hall
NE10 0UT
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