Ways to help

The team’s goal is to advise and support clients to take independent action,  

What will you do?

• Talk to clients over the phone or online to explore what problems they’ve come for help with

This volunteer role involves assisting in the successful delivery of the Day Opportunities Provision.  As a driver you would be reporting for duty at House on the Hill Sunderland Road NE10 9LR at 8

This volunteer role will involve working within a team of 3 others which will include a chef and two cooks who prepare and cook around 30 meals for vulnerable families and people who are shielding and


Useful Vision organises a range of entertaining and stimulating activities for vision-impaired children and their families across the North East.  We also run skills workshops for older children

Gateshead Youth Justice Service is a multi-agency team.  The principle aim of Gateshead Youth Justice Service is to prevent offending and reoffending by children and young people aged 10-18 years.  We

This project requires event crew volunteers. 

Working with these volunteers, Events of the North deliver race events across the North East making sure that the race days are a huge success. 


Gateshead Redheugh have been based at Eslington Park in a brand-new purpose-built facility since December 2011. The site includes 6 changing rooms, 2 referee changing rooms, physio room, cafe area

Angel Court is a Sheltered Accommodation Scheme based in Harlow Green in Gateshead. The scheme has residents who live in the immediate area who are elderly and may need some additional support from a

Various volunteer roles around installation and performance projects.

The project will involve a professional site-specific theatre production featuring multi-media art installations made by the

Gateshead Carers Virtual Carer Cafes are where groups of unpaid carers can meet over zoom and WhatsApp to chat, make new friends and receive information about how they can access help and support.