This is the Main Hall which holds 400 people


daily, starting from Monday, July 15, 2024 - 9:30am, 3 times

Availability Details

We need you asap. We have upcoming events, but we need more

Venue Address

Bedford Avenue
United Kingdom

54.879358750461, -1.5746282

Areas covered
Support and Training

Expenses Reimbursed

Other information

Age restrictions apply



This is a volunteer role. The length of the role depends on you..and us.

Do you love organising, do you love working with a wide range of people, can you help organise concerts/weddings/parties ?? - well you are the person we are looking for.

Make a difference to Bartley Mow Village Hall and become our events coordinator helping to fund the Hall to guarantee our existence into the future.

We need help from you - we have events, but they need to be better, you can do this...


Skills needed

We need someone who can take charge of situations, organise and promote events. Someone with the ability to negotiate costs and choose the right events to benefit the Hall and the community.

Benefits for the Volunteer

You will become part of a fantastic team who work hard to help our community. We work hard to keep the Hall going so that events can take place which provide benefit to the Gateshead area.
You will gain expertise in management of people and help provide a benefit to the community at large.

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