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Venue Address

Northern Cancer Voices
United Kingdom

Areas covered
Policies in place

Adult and Children Safeguarding Policy in place

Support and Training

On Going Support


Training Provided


Volunteer Induction


Expenses Reimbursed

Other information

Age restrictions apply



Over 25

Volunteers needed to help in roles to promote the work of Northern Cancer Voices, recruit new members and gather feedback from patients, carers etc. on their experience of cancer service in Gateshead

Main duties and responsibilities

  • Ensuring that NCV is able to seek the views of all sections of the community they cover
  • Checking that decisions taken at meetings are being implemented
  • Liaising with the NCV chair to keep an overview of the business
  • Representing Northern Cancer Voices in the community and at public events where able
  • Representing Northern Cancer Voices in relationships with funders and negotiating for funds for staffing, premises or equipment


Skills needed

Personal skills and qualities:
Leadership skills.
Experience of chairing meetings and committee work.
Facilitation skills.
Tact and diplomacy.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Impartiality, fairness and the ability to respect confidences.

It is desirable to have knowledge of the type of work undertaken by Northern Cancer Voices and a commitment to keeping ahead of the changes in the organisation that take place.
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