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Greening Dunston

Help needed.

Description: GREENING DUNSTON!, Are you a Dunston Resident? Or passionate about our local area/local wildlife?, Come along on Thursday between 5pm and 7pm to Dunston Community Centre., “I am interested in working with others in greening Dunston, I moved here when the Garden Festival was on, but think nature and wildlife important for our mood and wellbeing, whether working in garden or just enjoying being in green space., I know there is lots happening, some great gardens, some lovely street trees including apple trees, and businesses involved in keeping their shop fronts clear, but also lots of possibility especially in creating a better park, and maybe keeping some natural places for foxes and other wildlife., The Dunston Community Centre has let me have the cafe on Thursday 25th April 2019 from 5pm until 7pm, there will be tea and biscuits, come along and give your ideas, see if there is something we can do, and have a say on the future development of Dunston., Please share this with friends and family., Thanks., Yvonne Hartnett”,  ,  ,  , , Skills and qualifications needed: Additional Information: If you are interested, please inbox Dunston/Gateshead Community on Facebook or email dunstoncommunity@outlook.com who will pass on your details., , Contact details:

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