The 4 main current volunteer roles include:  

  • Special Olympics Trustees  
  • Special Olympics Fundraiser/Funding Bid writer  
  • Special Olympics Volunteer Sporting Coaches  
  • Special Olympics Chaperones.    

Special Olympics Gateshead Tyne and Wear is a sporting club and registered charity that provides weekly sports training in 9 sports to over 200 children and adults with disabilities across Tyne & Wear.

The weekly training provides athletes with the skills and confidence to then go onto compete in regional, national and international competitions.  4 of the club's athletes have represented Great Britain in international events and the charity has a strong partnership with Newcastle United with the Club's Academy players being mentors for Special Olympics Footballers. 

The primary aim of the sporting club is to enable people with disabilities to have the opportunities to fulfil their sporting aspirations as much as people without disabilities.  By taking part in the Special Olympics Programme, athletes become physically fitter, improve their confidence and feelings of self-worth, make new friends and have the opportunity to showcase their talents and potential - demonstrating that there is "an Olympian in every one of us". 

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