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FoodCycle; Hosting Project Leader Volunteers

Help needed.

FoodCycle combines surplus food, volunteers and free kitchen space to create nutritious, three-course meals for the community.

FoodCycle has 4 main aims:

  • The strengthen communities
  • To encourage friendships
  • To improve nutrition and reduce hunger
  • To change attitudes towards food and to reduce food waste

The project will take place once a week on a Friday in Felling. As a Hosting Project Leader Volunteer, you’ll act as the main host of the team.  This will involve running your projects front of house and helping to create a warm, friendly atmosphere that will make both volunteers and guests want to return each week. 

The team of volunteer hosts that you will be responsible for, will lay the tables, greet guests and serve food – all under your guidance.

You will be the point of contact for hosting volunteers with any concerns during a hosting session and be responsible for reporting back any incidents. 

You will be encouraging conversations as well as making sure the food is served on time and the venue is left in a suitable condition at the end of the meal. 

Hosting Project Leader volunteers need to be:

  • Diplomatic
  • Friendly and organised
  • Enjoy a busy dining environment
  • Sociable and able to chat with the guests
  • Confident to take the lead in a team
  • While also able to be part of a team
  • Welcoming

What to expect from FoodCycle:

  • Ongoing support and advice
  • A training package to equip you for your role including safeguarding and first aid
  • Optional training such as mental health, conflict management
  • Accredited level two food safety qualification provided by FoodCycle
  • Impressive skills to add to your CV and a reference when you need it
  • Travel expenses of up to £15 will be reimbursed within two weeks with proof of travel
  • The opportunity to meet a large network of likeminded people
  • A fun, creative volunteer experience, contributing to a community-led project.

 What is expected of me:

  • Attend a monthly meeting to discuss as a team how things are going
  • Lead a minimum of one session per month
  • Follow all FoodCycle policies and procedures
  • Complete a DBS check and attend safeguarding training
  • Minimum time commitment of 6 hours per month

You don’t need to have any specific skills or qualifications to become a volunteer in this role.  You just need to have an interest in helping others and your community


Contact Person

Kate Marshall

Venue Address

Felling Community Centre, below Crowhall Towers
Crowhall Lane
NE10 0NF
United Kingdom