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Description:  , Bensham and Saltwell Alive is an initiative that has two key aims. , The first to highlight the wide variety of interests, gifts and talents that every resident in the neighbourhood has, whatever their age and background., The second is to give residents a chance to share these skills, help each other and perhaps set up new groups or event to set up charities or businesses, But above all, it is about building on what makes the neighbourhood strong, exciting, healthy and a place to be proud to call home., Bensham and Satlwell Alive became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) in May 2014 and is managed by a Board of Trustees who are all people who live or work in the area. , This volunteer role is specifically around a trustee who would be able to provide help and advice around the financial managemet of the group including developing and maintaining financial books for the group's activities. , The duties would general include:, ,  update and refresh the group's financial budgets, establish information and procedures to track the groups spend and project costs etc., ensure that financial stability of Bensham and Saltwell Alive, ensure the proper investments of Bensham and Satlwell Alive Funds, , This would be a good opportunity for any students studying business management or any type of financial management qualification, e.g. accountancy as a placement., If you are interested in this volunteer role please email . ,  , ., .  , , Skills and qualifications needed: Skills and qualifications would include:, , qualification or experience in some sort of financial support area:,  able to use and operate a computer,  previous experience in financial management,  able to monitor and adhere to budgets within a project, , Additional Information: For all the active volunteer roles available across Gateshead in both Gateshead Council service areas as well as within the voluntary sector please see the link below.,, In order to become a registered volunteer and become in any of the above roles please complete an online Expression of Interest form.  Once registered you can volunteer in any of the active schemes as well as those that become available at a later date.  You do not need to submit an EOI for each individual volunteer role you are interested in.  It is a one form central process at Gateshead. ,  ,  , If you would like to apply to become a registered volunteer in any of the active volunte, , Contact details:

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