Environmental volunteer (Gardening)

Description: The main aim of the Community Kitchen is to provide affordable food and education food-based workshops to families in an area of Gateshead which is affected by poverty.  The group also operate a hot food delivery service aimed at older people or vulnerable adults., As well as all of the support that can be provided around food and education of food, the group are also looking to support some of the local neighbourhood with their gardens. This is for tenants and residents who are vulnerable or unable to do their gardens themselves., The volunteers will be required to help support the group to deliver these types of activities including:, ,  clearing of a garden,  sweeping up,  pruning,  cutting,  digging,  weeding,  planting,  litter picking, , There are both light and heavier activities available through this role, so, most types of volunteering can be caterd for.  Whether you can help a lot or a little it all makes a difference., Equipment will be provided where possible, however if you would like to use your own it would be good if you could bring it along. ., ,  , ,  , . , , Skills and qualifications needed: , have an interest in environmental type activities, have experience in gardening (desirable),  have any knowledge on plants etc. (desirable),  have skills in using gardening equipment,  be able to lift and move items (other tasks can be provided if not),  work well with others, have a friendly attitude,  have a desire to help others . , , Additional Information: , Contact details: volunteering@gateshead.gov.uk

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Civic Centre
United Kingdom