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Availability Details

Working days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and the last Saturday of the month.

Volunteers generally come weekly, usually on the same day, for a total of approximately 5 hours 10.00 - 15.00. We can be flexible so please discuss your availability with us.

Venue Address

Fellside Road (next to Holly Riding Stables)
United Kingdom

Other information

Age restrictions apply



Volunteers are 18+ however we can take younger volunteers as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult.

Gibside Community Farm produces locally grown and seasonal vegetables and fruit for the local community.

We are looking for volunteers who enjoy physical activities associated with agricultural farming e.g. digging, planting, weeding and harvesting.  Most jobs are done as part of a team so that there is variety within a given task, and also companionship.

We aim to show how carbon footprints can be reduced by taking action, thereby helping to address the climate crisis.  Organic methods of farming that we use include our ‘lasagna’ method of planting to help suppress weeds.  We don’t use insecticides or herbicides, e.g. separating out dock weeds to make a ‘tea’ that is used as an organic fertilizer.  Optional training with farm machinery e.g. power harrow.

Each working day has a designated Team Leader and Deputy who liaise with the Field Director on the jobs for the day.

  • Weekly newsletter informs all members of Gibside Community Farm of what’s happening on the field, social events, meetings etc.
  • WhatsApp group for each working day to share info about whose coming that day, give lifts if appropriate etc.
  • Main Gibside Community Farm WhatsApp group to record what is done at the field each day.

Everyone is a volunteer apart from the part-time grower who has specialist knowledge and experience in small scale farming.

We are a membership organisation and everyone who volunteers on a regular basis or buys produce from GCF is a member.  There is an annual membership fee of £10 although there are exemptions, so please ask for further information.  There is no charge to volunteer!

Skills needed

Someone who is some or all of the following:-
• Interested / passionate about the environment, growing organic food and farming.
• Enjoys physical work outdoors.
• Wants to work as part of a team
• Has awareness / interest in the bigger picture - e.g. taking action to help reduce the impact of climate change.

Benefits for the Volunteer

• Training and experience in organic farming methods.
• Working as part of a team.
• Fresh air and fantastic views to north Northumberland
• A sense of belonging and companionship.
• A sense of achievement at the end of the day.
• The opportunity to take home organic produce.
• References can be given.

Register your interest
Your details will be passed onto the organisation offering this volunteer opportunity so that they can contact you directly with more information. Anonymised information will be kept for monitoring purposes.