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Description: This is a great role and one that is hugely rewarding to do!  If you are looking for that rare "Goldilocks" role by which we mean a role that involves working directly with people in a caring and supportive way, but also one that is stimulating and leaves you feeling satisfied at the end of the day., You might be recently retired and have a lot of useful skills and experiences.  You might be looking to return to work after starting a family.  You may be looking for work or changing careers.  You might also have personal experiences of benefits or another problem and want to do something that helps other people avoid a pitfall.  -  These are all common reasons why our volunteers joined us and so you should consider this now., WHAT WILL YOU DO?, This role directly involves helping you working with members of the public that need and use our service directly.  As an adviser you will meet and in a friendly way interview members of the public to collect all the facts and find out about a problem they are experiencing.  You will read through letters they bring and will look up ways to help from and will explain in different ways to help them understand what they need to do., You will be supported all of the way by a team of people who have all been the new person before!!  There is always someone to show you what to do and to talk through how to help the people you meet., There is so much pressure for targets as in many work places, in this role you can rest assured that we want you to focus on helping people the best way that you can so that we always provide a quality service.,  , , Skills and qualifications needed: Some people think you need to be a professional person to be an adviser.  This is just not true., All we need is:, , Good at reading, Open minded and non-judgemental, Able to use computers and simple internet sites, Good at talking to people and explaining information, Willing to learn and follow our processes, Able to work on your own and in a team, , Now that is more straight forward than you thought...get in touch and let us know you’re interested and where you found out about volunteering.  0191 4408128 or,  , Additional Information: We have some wonderful volunteer stories.  I should say that we do have male volunteers as well but they are bit more camera shy. :), Out advice role is perfect for those looking for work, we can't promise paid work with us but we think our volunteer advisers are the most employable volunteers in Gateshead as finding work is the biggest reason they leave us.  Nothing like giving interviews to the public to help you prepare for yours!!, You can get a bit of a preview about us from our social media.  Please follow us on facebook and drop us a message and say hi.  Even just sharing some of our posts can be a big help for us.,  , , Contact details: 0191 4408128, ,

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