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What makes young people tick, and how do you get them engaged?

This training is geared to helping Future You Connectors to better understand how youth workers successfully engage young people, by understanding what makes young people tick and, as importantly, what turns them cold, so they can more effectively engage young people in the support they have on offer in the future. 


This workshop is geared to sharing knowledge and building understanding of working within the youth work sector and how to recognise the range of issues that may impact on young people. 

The skills you will learn will transcend this project, to help you improve your relationships with young people, and to more effectively work with youth sector partners by having a better understanding of their ‘day job’. Through the workshop you’ll also learn how to listen to others effectively, by listening for meaning, and how doing so will improve confidence and self-worth; as well as a range of engagement methods which effectively benefit young people, and how youth workers maintain professional boundaries.  

Time commitment and format 

2-3 hour workshop delivered in both online and face to face formats, dependent on your preference (face to face will be delivered subject to current Covid-19 guidelines). 

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