Sell Online in 6-weeks

Sell Online in 6 weeks - Free Course for Gateshead Women


Our Local Women Local Enterprise in Gateshead project supports Gateshead women to develop their business ideas. Through this project, we have arranged a series of specialist enterprise workshops & courses.

This course consists of 6 weekly workshops to support you to set up and start running your online business.

Course Outline

Session 1: Creating a plan for your Online Business
During this session, you will identify what you want to achieve from taking part in this course and set yourself targets.

Session 2: Getting Set Up Online
During this session, the tutor will provide you with an overview of online selling platforms available including Etsy, Facebook Market Place and Social Selling (direct message to buy). This session will also cover the main online payment platforms you may consider using e.g Paypal and sumall.

Session 3: Developing Your Brand Online
This session will support you to explore your own Brand Identity and will look at Examples of other online brands and how they use their brand strategy to attract & engage customers.

Session 4: Showcasing your Product Online
This session will cover tips for taking professional looking photos and how to write engaging and effective product descriptions.

Session 5: Etsy  & Facebook Market
During this session, the tutor will take you through the steps of setting up & running pages on Etsy & Facebook Market Place including how to list products & tips for maximising visibility.

Session 6:  Engaging Customer Through Social Media
This session will look at how to engage people through social media to drive to your sales page including key content & hashtags to use

To book a place or to find out more about this course, please contact us directly.

 Eligibility criteria applies, please enquire within.

This Project is supported by Funds from European Structural Investment Funds through Gateshead Goes Local.


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