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How to engage and support people with complex needs


This training is for Future You Connectors who want to more effectively positively engage with members of their community who are experiencing complex issues, or who are living complex lives and who may seem, on the face of it, ‘hard to reach’. 


This workshop will be focused around the theme of ‘challenging issues, not challenging people’, talking through a ‘day in the life’ of someone who may be experiencing complex and challenging issues, which often leads to them having more complex support needs. It will help Future You Connectors understand how they might present, how to identify their needs and issues, and ensure they get to the right place for help, advice, and support. The workshop will also provide examples of the circumstances that can often lead to a risk of eviction, the worst-case scenario that we need to help them to avoid at all costs. 

Time commitment and format 

2-3 hour workshop delivered in both online and face to face formats, dependent on your preference (face to face will be delivered subject to current Covid-19 guidelines). 

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