Your Voice Counts : Service update

Your Voice Counts continues to support the most vulnerable people in our communities and are doing so over the telephone or video calling as much as possible.​

Statutory Advocacy services

Our advocates are now working from home, and systems are in place to allow advocates to work and consult remotely.

Community Services for people with learning disabilities

We are in the process of contacting those who come along to our drop-ins, group activities or self-advocacy groups, to make sure they have the support they need over the coming weeks. We are helping people to make plans, including how to get food, medication and how to use technology to stay connected.

If you know someone with a learning disability who you think may need our help, please support them to get in touch with us.


Details at: 


Telephone: 0191 478 6472 (10am-4pm)

Secure email:

Twitter: @YVC_Advocacy  


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