Get moving with Walk and Wheel Gateshead 

Walking and cycling can make you feel better, physically and mentally. It's also good for the environment and your local community.

However, we understand that it's not always easy to walk or ride a bike, even for short distances. We know that lots of people don't feel fit enough or confident enough. For some people, it's simply not practical or they don't know where to start.

Walk and Wheel Gateshead can help. We support people of all ages, fitness levels and abilities, including wheelchair users. Our friendly team works with people to understand how they're feeling and how we can help them take the first steps towards a more active lifestyle. The team will learn from the people they support so that we can ultimately make walking and cycling easier for everyone in Gateshead.

We are currently running a number of free walking and cycling taster sessions throughout Gateshead that anyone, no matter your fitness level can join.

Keep an eye on our Better Health Gateshead Facebook page for the latest dates and times of activity sessions.

For more information about the service please visit the Gateshead Council website