singing hinnies out with communities in Gateshead


Suggested donation £25 - £30


For relatives and friends lonely in lockdown why not order a smile and song from Equal Arts Singing Hinnies?

A special gift for a loved one or as a positive pick me up for a neighbour, order a musical moment and help to keep older people connected. Social distancing safely, the Singing Hinnies will put their tunes top of their list of essentials, reducing loneliness and isolation.

Our professional musicians are out and about across Gateshead and Newcastle and can swing by with a song for the street. Click here to book a Singing Hinnies visit or ring us on 0191 261 1619 for more information.

We know how detrimental loneliness can be with days seeming longer in lockdown. So, if a smile and a song fits the bill (we even take requests) get in touch and get the Singing Hinnies to Sing for the Street. We‘re happy to deliver additional extras like flowers and cakes too.