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Any service or group can register their individual volunteer roles through Neighbourhood Management & Volunteering.  These will be added to the current list of opportunities on Gateshead Council website. All available volunteer roles are promoted to all of our 2,500+ registered volunteers as well as our general circulation lists.  Volunteers are also provided with targeted roles depending upon their area of interest. If a group would like to register an individual volunteer role please email and provide an Volunteer Role Template Form.  Plese complete an individual form for each volunteer role you would like promoted.  If one of our registered volunteers are interested in a volunteer role within your group (and they have given their permission) you will be provided with the volunteers Expression of Interest (application form) and returned references.  We provide a one form central process so the volunteers information follows them around to each volunteer role that they are interested in.  Volunteers do not need to submit an EOI for each role of interest.  The information contained in the EOI form is very detailed and provides all the basic information needed by groups in general.  This prevents the volunteer having to submit more additional application forms which can be off putting. Volunteers are then recruited to each group using the groups own volunteer recruitment process to ensure that they are covered by all the relevant policies and procedures.