A New Direction, advice and support for Isolated Young People under 25

If you’re under 25 and have lost confidence in your support network, we can help you work out what you need for a new direction forward.        


This programme is designed for isolated under 25’s who have dis-engaged from support services. They may be facing multiple challenges which are stopping them from re-engaging with support, or they might not know where they can find that support. This tailored programme will break down the barriers and offer them the direction and help they need to make progress towards employment. 


The range of provision is designed to help young people tackle loneliness and isolation by supporting those who may lack trust in professionals and/or have poor social interaction skills to engage in provision, build their confidence, form positive friendships and improved connections with the agencies and organisations that are around to support them towards positive life outcomes.  

Young people will experience:  

  • Social and Emotional Skills Development 

  • An Increased Sense of Control Over Their Lives  

  • Improved Confidence 

  • Knowledge and Agency to Make Informed Choices 

  • Improved Access and Connections with Support Services 

  • Improved Social Connections  

Commitment and format 

Sessions will be delivered via outreach, open access, drop in and bespoke group and 1:1 provision in the local community.  

Outreach locations currently in use include St Chad's Community Project, Gateshead Central Library and The Sage Gateshead 

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