Homeshare is a shared living model that has been used nationally and internationally for a long time.

Homeshare matches people with spare rooms, who are looking for companionship and low level practical support, with people looking for affordable accommodation. It's a simple, mutually beneficial arrangement that connects people to share their lives.

At Homeshare North East, we connect people who are seeking companionship and have a spare room in their home (Householders) with people who are looking for affordable accommodation and can offer time, companionship and practical support such as help with cooking, cleaning, gardening (Homesharers).

Homeshare is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Benefits to Householders:

  • Friendship and consistent companionship
  • Increased independence
  • The ability to live in your own home with practical support
  • Reassurance and peace of mind for your family
  • Safety and security, particularly through an overnight presence
  • A cost effective option for receiving practical support whilst living in your own home
  • Sharing skills and experience
  • A feeling of giving back to the community
  • Support with practical tasks such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, shopping, managing appointments and much more.

Benefits to Homesharers:

  • Safe and affordable accommodation
  • Friendship and consistent companionship
  • The chance to save money
  • Sharing skills and experience
  • A feeling of having a home rather than just a place to live
  • A feeling of giving back to the community
  • Gives family and friends peace of mind