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Groups of volunteers (anything from 2 or more people coming together) can be provided with a volunteer project.  Group opportunities tend to be on a shorter term period, usually over the space on one day and invovle a group of volunteers coming together to complete a task.  The general type of group activities include (but are not limited to) the following:   Litter picking at various locations across Gateshead painting of community facilities such as communal lounges helping out at lunch groups, this would involve serving, chatting to service users, clearing away and play board games etc. or other social activities helping community groups with teh development of their website or social media accounts or other technical support that you can provide helping groups by looking over their books and other organisational type support. Gardening projects at a variety of venues throughout Gateshead including schools, community centres, sheltered accommodation schemes, and other community facilities helping on task days within our open spaces such as parks e.g. Chopwell Park, Felling Park, Saltwell Park, Watergate Park, Wardley Park etc.  These projects can also include environmental cleaning down by the River Tyne etc. helping out at group events such as group sessions, for example carers of elderly people support group, keeping service users company , chatting and listening to them Foodbanks Gateshead, helping out at the various foodbanks across Gateshead preparing the donations that come in, and sorthing through them all as well as preparing packages to be sent out helping out at local charity shops with the general customer services or helping to do window decoration and sorthing through donations. general tasks and activities associated with the day to day running of community groups, e.g. helping a group get their books up to date, demonstrating how  Microsoft office can be used.  Setting up a groups email account and explaining how to maintain emails etc. getting involved and supporting large events such as the World Transplant Games which Gateshead Council will be hosting from 13th - 24th August 2019.  There will be the opportunity to get invovled as one off teams for a day each time or for the full week of activities. Under each of these general types of categories there are a number of different projects.  Once we are aware of the type of volunteering needed we will then be able to work with groups and match them to the most suitable group. Group volunteering can help to develop volunteers confidence and act as a taster session before people go on to volunteer as an individual.  If there any people that your group support who may benefit from volunteering together they can request a Group Expression of Interest form by emailing With each group request it is asked for a donation to be made to the community project.   This is desirable rather than essential however it does demonstrate a committment to the day and enables the group to purchase the necessary equipment to make the day possible in some cases.  If a financial contribution is possible this will be direct to the community group.  This can either ber the cash or by providing specific equipment for the group in advance of the project. Neighbourhood Management & Volunteering can support groups of volunteers by: identifying a list of potential projects for them to choose from arranging a visit to the site arranging the volunteer day, date and time helping to identify equipment where possible attending the volunteer day if needed helping to organise the removal of rubbish etc. if needed providing risk assessments for each of the tasks that will be delivered providing a write up of the event to be included on the Gateshead Council website.