Exclusively for Older People

A gentle walk in the park on a clear day? A visit to the high street to run some errands, pop into the bank and the butchers perhaps? A hospital appointment for some results, a test or a consultation? There's lots of enjoyable and not so enjoyable  things in life but they don't have to be done alone. Lots of older and/or disabled people who do not have loved one's close by or who are available through the day on weekdays. Whether it helps with confidence to go out and about with someone or it's just better having someone there, Happy to Help has dedicated, fully trained and extremely caring and genuine workers who can go with older people to anywhere they choose. The social care support we offer can be used as often or as little as needed. Our customers always have the same worker each time, so that a great working relationship can be built. Some of our customers have someone to go with them for a walk each week, others ring us as and when something is happening and they'd rather not go alone. To find out more for you or a loved one, contact Liz and Nancy on 0191 4785919.  

Areas Covered