Our Health Equity work is a collaboration between Edberts House, Public Health and Primary Care aiming to tackle health inequalities across the borough. Health inequalities are the unfair and avoidable differences in health experienced by different groups of people. These include things such as how long we are likely to live and at what age we might get preventable diseases.

We offer a range of services for patients who are registered at Longrigg Medical Centre, Crowhall Medical Centre, St. Albans Medical Group and Pelaw Medical Centre (the East Gateshead Primary Care Network):

  • The Children, Young People and Families Team support families to get help before problems escalate to crisis. They offer practical support, such as helping get children to school, link families to activities, development opportunities and support services, whilst offering emotional support. The team also run a number of activities in the community. 
  • Physical Activity sessions are being delivered across a number of venues in East Gateshead. These focus on health aging, managing long-term conditions and promoting general health and being.

The Health Equity team is also working to develop the HOPE network (Health of the Population in East Gateshead), an inspiring group of voluntary organisations who are coming together and linking up with statutory services to make Gateshead a healthier place to live.

Patients registered at Whickham Health Centre, Chainbridge Medical Partnership, Glenpark Medical Centre, Sunniside Surgery and Teams Medical Practice (the Inner West Gateshead Primary Care Network) can get support from our Health Equity Team in the following ways:

  • Physical Activity and Nutrition support focusing on weight management, frailty, and healthy lifestyles.
  • Menopause cafes bringing individuals together to share their experiences and knowledge of the menopause, whilst receiving support from clinicians.
  • Volunteering opportunities to improve the health of individuals and communities. 

The team is also encouraging patients in the East and Inner West of Gateshead to have a say in their healthcare and let their GP surgery know what matters to them by supporting Patient Participation Groups.

As well as supporting patients, the team is leading on a Gateshead wide Dementia Network.

For more information on our Children, Young People and Families team, please contact Ed Greenfield on ed.greenfield@nhs.net. For information about our other Health Equity work, please contact Helen Bell on h.bell4@nhs.net. Alternatively, please visit our Facebook page where we regularly post information about new activities. (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100086522740566)