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Areas covered


Community Linking is sometimes called social prescribing.  When we think about a prescription, we usually think about a piece of paper we take to the pharmacy to get medicine or tablets.  But there is not a ‘pill for every ill’. Sometimes social issues like money, housing, relationships or loneliness make us feel stressed, anxious, or physically ill. We need to get these issues sorted out if we want to start feeling better. 

This is what the Community Linking Project is all about.  It means that GP’s can focus on the medical problems that patients have, and the Community Link Workers can help with the wider issues, by linking patients up to services and activities in the community that can help them. 

This way, patients get really effective help, and start feeling better more quickly.

What kind of support is offered?

  • Our Community Link Workers help anyone, of any age.
  • We can support patients and link patients into a wide range of services to address and support with issues such as: debt, housing problems, claiming benefits, loneliness, unemployment, bereavement. Patients can talk to us about anything that matters to them.
  • We can provide information / signposting to the most appropriate services and community activities. 
  • We can support patients with one issue, or with lots of issues: whatever is needed.
  • We can 'walk with patients' to enable successful engagement with services and community activities.
  • We can support patients for as long as they need us.

How to get in touch?

  • Call, message or email
  • Patients can self- refer
  • Patients can ask their GP, nurse or doctors receptionist to refer them
  • Subject to the patient providing consent, other agencies can make referrals.
  • Access to Community Link Workers is Monday to Friday 9-5, and outside of these times by arrangement.
  • The project is not an emergency service - we aim to contact individuals within 2 weeks from receiving a referral.

Who can we support? 

We can support patients registered in the following GP practices:


  • Outer West Gateshead - Blaydon, Chopwell, Crawcrook, Grange, I J Healthcare Hollyhurst, Oldwell and Rowlands Gill practices. Email: nencicb-ng.outerwest-splw@nhs.net Contact: Carrie Horton, Tel: 07944 549 205
  • Inner West Gateshead - Chainbridge, Glenpark, Sunniside, Teams and Whickam practices. Email: nencicb-ng.gatesheadinnerwestpcnsplws@nhs.net Contact Sandra Heron, Tel: 07394 947 038
  • South / Central South Gateshead - Beacon View, Bensham, Bewick Road, Bridges, Central Gateshead, Fell Cottage, Fell Tower, Metro Interchange, Millennium and Wrekenton practices. Email: nencicb-ng.fellcottagepcn@nhs.net Contact: Eve Penman, Tel: 07487 433 348
  • East Gateshead - St Albans, Crowhall, Pelaw and Longrigg practices. Email: nencicb-ng.communitylinkworker@nhs.net Contact: Moira Mae Underwood, Tel: 07494 498 881