Woman Playing drums


£15.00 (30 minute lesson)
Areas covered


Drum Lessons are now available at Sweet Symphony!

We offer Drum Lessons to Students from age 6 and up. Like all of our instruments, Students can choose to study towards exams or simply learn to play for their own enjoyment. Exam candidates follow either the Trinity or Rock & Pop syllabus, depending on which style they prefer.


What age do you teach from?

Our Drum Lessons are available to anyone aged 6 and up.

What style(s) will I learn to play?

Which styles do you want to learn? Lessons are offered exclusively as 1:1 tuition, so we can tailor the lessons exactly to your preferences and requirements. Your Teacher will initially use a tuition book with you to help teach you the necessary basics of druming, but once you begin to make progress there’s no reason you can’t play the style/styles of music you prefer.

Do I have to sit exams?

Absolutely not. Music exams are not compulsory for anyone at Sweet Symphony. When Students reach a suitable level, your Teacher will mention exams to you but you’re under no obligation to sit any. Plenty of our Students like to learn purely for pleasure.