Advice and support for people needing help to maintain their housing tenancy

This programme is designed to equip people who are vulnerable and at risk of homelessness, or who are new to renting and managing a home, with the knowledge and skills to sustain and maintain their tenancies and homes.

The holistic support for vulnerable tenants programme is designed to help people who are often described as “difficult to engage and hard to reach”, are vulnerable and at risk of homelessness or new to renting and managing a home, with the objective of preventing homelessness and equipping them with the knowledge and skills to sustain and maintain their tenancies/homes.  


Using established referral networks, support will be given to vulnerable participants with complex tenancy needs to re-engage with support services. This will remove barriers and increase engagement with wider support services, ultimately enabling participants to maintain or resecure their tenancies, improving their prospect of progressing closer towards training or employment.  

Taking a holistic approach in supporting and addressing the individual needs of the participant, 121 confidential discussions will be geared to identifying the barriers they are facing, and producing a support plan to remove these barriers so they have a safe and secure housing situation as an immediate priority. They will be helped with tenancy support, receiving housing advice and supporting them with accessing benefits to improve their life circumstances. This may in some cases involve referral to other CVS partner organisations. 

Participants will gain knowledge and life skills to deal with future crisis, improved finances and financial capability, improved mental health thereby confidence in re-engaging with community, and support finding opportunities to improve their lives whether it's through volunteering or employment. 

Time commitment and format   

It is intended that the activity will be able to take place face to face, dependent on the needs of the participant and health and safety compliance, with remote support as an alternative. Meetings can take place in any community venue, including 2Way Tenancy Solutions main office, or in the participants’ own home if that’s possible.  

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