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The Saltwell Road Project

The Saltwell Road Project (SRP) has been created for the people of Saltwell. SRP would like to know what events you would like to see happening in the area and what changes you would like to make. SRP wants to support and work with you to develop creative ideas in the community of Saltwell and make changes to make a better place. Some of the questions SRP wants to ask include: 1) What community events you would like to see happening? 2) What spaces and places around Saltwell would you like to see used more and how? 3) What changes would you like to see happen in Saltwell? 4) How can we make Saltwell a better place to live? SRP is for the people of Saltwell to develop creative events and projects in the area. We would like to know what events you would like to see taking place in the area and what issues you would like the community to work together to solve. SRP aims to support you to work together in and with the community to develop solutions and ideas to create a better place to live, work and play. Residents can suggest ideas for one off events or long-term projects in Saltwell that people would like to see or be supported in developing. With the help of other community members and the knowledge and experience of local residents we can make them happen. Get in touch if you are interested in knowing more and becoming involved.  

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Ben Jones

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