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Preventing vulnerable people being drawn into terrorism

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The Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 was fast tracked through parliament amongst many concerns over human rights and effectiveness. The Act includes a new duty in Section 26 placed on specified agencies to ‘Prevent people being drawn into terrorism’ which came into effect from July 2015.

Specified agencies include local authorities, all schools, organisations within the Early Years Foundation Framework, childminders and the NHS. As with other statutory duties, the prevent duty will start to apply to organisations with service delivery contracts for local authorities and the NHS.

Sections 36 to 41 of the Act also includes a duty for local authorities to ensure there are panels to support individuals identified as being at risk of being drawn into terrorism, known as the Channel programme and Channel panels.

What does this mean for you?
The duty may mean some changes for voluntary organisations that hold NHS and local authority contracts, for example:

  • include a response to the Prevent agenda in your policies and procedures such as safeguarding, confidentiality, and information sharing
  • designate a named person who is the Prevent lead

Prevent training to enable staff, trustees and volunteers to understand the local risk for vulnerable people of being drawn into terrorism, and to challenge extremist ideas, is covered in Newcastle Safeguarding Children Board and Newcastle Safeguarding Adults Board training, and is offered through the Gateshead Multi-agency Safeguarding Training.

It is also important to champion inclusivity and equality, and to maintain robust anti-discrimination practice, so that your organisation’s policies, wording or actions do not unintentionally discriminate against, marginalise or alienate clients who may already be stigmatised in the media, or whose communities feel under surveillance.
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Information and support for Muslim women to safeguard children against radicalisation, extremism and grooming for violence. Includes an open letter to young Muslim girls considering leaving the UK visit www.wewillinspire.com/ 

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