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Hate Crime Advocacy

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An initiative funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria

​• Have you been affected by hate crime?
• Do you need help to speak up for yourself?
• Would you like support to find out about your rights and to make decisions and choices?
• Do you want help to get services or support?
• Do you want to know how you can report a hate crime?

What is hate crime?
A hate crime is a crime that you think was motivated by prejudice or
hate because of what you look like or how you live your life. This can
include your (or someone else’s):
• Race
• Religion
• Disability (including mental health and learning disability)
• Trans/gender identity
• Sexual orientation

Hate crimes can include:
• Verbal abuse
• Harassment
• Physical attacks such as hitting, punching, pushing or spitting
• Threats of violence
• Hoax calls, abusive phone or text messages, or hate mail
• Online abuse, for example on Facebook or Twitter
• Displaying or circulating discriminatory literature or posters
• Damage to things such as your home, pet or vehicle
• Graffiti
• Arson (setting fires)

To make an enquiry about Hate Crime Advocacy for yourself, or make a referral on behalf of someone else, please phone us on 0191 235 7013, email us - advocacy@cvsnewcastle.org.uk , visit or web site www.advocacycentrenorth.org.uk  or download the form below.

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