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Save Oaktrees Gateshead: UPDATE!

Firstly, a big thankyou to all those who have submitted letters of support, and of opposition to the proposed cuts to funding to Oaktrees Gateshead by Gateshead Council.

That said, we still need each and every one of you to write in if you haven't already, and to encourage others to do the same. We are particularly interested in hearing from past and present clients of Oaktrees, their families, friends, employers, neighbours and professionals, especially those residing in Gateshead. Ideally, letters should include details of what life was like before, how Oaktrees helped, what it's like today, and why the council should continue to fund us. Please also include your name and address as proof of residency.

We only have until December 30th 2015 to get all our letters of support and evidence to the decision makers, in the hope that they will change their minds, so please do get writing.

Letters can be hand written and brought into Oaktrees, sent into your MP by Royal Mail or email, or emailed to a.graham@tcuk.org, or budgetconsultation@gateshead.gov.uk. Even better, why not do all of the above?

Every contribution is greatly appreciated and does make a difference.

More information can be found here:




Thanks again,

Alby and the team


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