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Good News! Oaktrees Gateshead Saved!

Hot off the press! We are delighted to inform you that Gateshead Council have decided to continue funding Oaktrees Gateshead, and we have been withdrawn from the proposed budget consultation.

Thanks to your letters, campaigning, hard work and prayers, we have been able to demonstrate the vital service Oaktrees provides to our community and will be able to continue sharing the message of recovery into the future.

The level of support we have received has been overwhelming, and we are immensely grateful to you and your friends, family, and neighbours who have written in to the council and described to them what can be achieved using the skills you have learned here.

Thanks to you, Oaktrees Gateshead is staying open.

We look forward to seeing you for an extra special celebration at our birthday party in the spring.


Alby, Jayne, Catherine, Faye and Ben


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