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Marquisway Centre

Supporting and enabling adults with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, complex needs and autism to attain skills and have access to a wide range of individually tailored educational and developmental opportunities. Some of the opportunities Marquisway can offer are : Music Therapy – Creating and exploring music using digital technology. Digital Media – Digital film making and social media . Internet café – WiFi café with unlimited WiFi access. Gaming Station – The latest in video and computer games. Multi-Sensory room and Autism Suite – A safe place providing opportunities to increase coordination, flexibility and sensory recognition. Rebound Therapy – Fully trained instructors and physios on site to provide a therapeutic experience which improves flexibility, strength and spatial awareness. Performing Arts – Creates a stage to improve confidence, self-esteem and self-expression. Wheelchair Dance – Fully qualified instructors will lead you through a choreographed routine and there’s ma chance you can be part of  the exciting show and enter competitions whilst travelling the country. Zumba – Learn some Latin dance moves and keep fit with the Zumba instructor every Thursday morning from 11am. Spa Room – Relax in our new spa room and enjoy some aromatherapy hand, head, neck or foot massage. I Muse – Technology that uses sensors that can be triggered by movements as small as the blink of an eye to create music and visual images which can help with expression, communication and coordination. Special Olympics – Marquisway is the training ground for the Boccia Special Olympic Athletes who have won various medals and trophies in the numerous competition they have attended around the country.  

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Wendy Scope, Shona Tong, Terry Rann

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Marquisway Centre
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