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Making Changes is an organisation set up by people with first hand experience with mental health. Our overall objective is to raise awareness of mental health issues, keep our communities happy and help any individuals that are suffering with knowledge and tools to manage and cope with their Physical, Mental and Emotional health. We believe a happy mind, soul and body must start with a healthy mind, soul and body. Many people suffer from mental health issues in a variety of forms; stress, apprehension, anxiety, loneliness and depression are just a few to name. In some cases, if not recognized and managed, these feelings can become debilitating and lead to the need of medication and a constant battle with feelings, emotions and no understanding on how to manage them which leads to a vicious cycle with your mind, body and soul. In a world where the easy option is so readily available, we want to help people to be more active about their own mental, physical and emotional health and needs. We believe that education and providing the correct tools for them to put their health and wellbeing into their own hands and give them the understanding on what their bodies needs will make a drastic difference to break this cycle and change their lives for the better. We want people to socialise within their communities to combat loneliness, teach them about healthy eating on a budget, gardening with its many therapeutic and health benefits, mindfulness, meditation, exercise and much more to get them to reconnect with themselves and let them understand what they need. Most of all though, we want everyone to have fun! Check out our facebook page at Making Changes or email us on

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United Kingdom