Contact Person

Emma Hodgson

Organisation Address

Kibby Clickers
Kibblesworth Millennium Centre
Grange Terrace
NE11 0XN
United Kingdom

54.903518581603, -1.6227975653373

We are a friendly and sociable group of people interested in the art of photography. We are hoping to start a daytime group in February '16. This would cost £3 per session, probably lasting 90mins or more. Each session there will be some instruction on a particular skill or technique within photography, often with a practical exercise to carry out. These can suit beginners and more experienced photographers alike. A task is set for the members to work on and then these photographs are shown to the group when we next meet. There is no competitive element to the learning, it is purely for fun. It is not essential that you need lots of expensive equipment, a compact or bridge camera is good enough or even use a is about the techniques of taking photographs not who has the best camera! If you would like to join us to learn more about photography or just practice your skills then please ring Emma on 0191 4111193 to leave your details and we will get back to you soon.