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What’s new on OurGateshead

Following research with Newcastle University’s Open Lab Team with residents and community groups, we have redesigned OurGateshead to meet the needs of Gateshead residents.

The site makes it much easier to find ‘Things to do’ and ‘Ways to Help’ in your community. The search function has also been substantially improved.

Major Changes to the site include

  • Mobile first design with extra feature if on desktop.
  • Simpler to use
  • Improved search –
    • Instant – as soon as something is added it will show up in an on-site search.
  • Emphasis on things to do and ‘Ways to help’ in your community
  • Simpler forms for adding/editing  content
    • Save a draft function, if you need to come back
  • Improved functionality for professionals
    • Collections
      • Thrive, Be active
    • Improved directory
      • Gives the contact details
  • Residents can add events that they know are happening in their community
  • Automated system to keep information up to date. 
    • Old news removed after 14-16 weeks
      • Exceptions possible – up to a year
    • Automatic reminders to orgs to keep post up to date

OurGateshead has always been developed from the feedback of users and I would welcome any comments on the site - click the feedback button on the right hand side of the screen to have your say on the site.  

Alternatively you can can contact