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Replacing The Burnhope Colliery Banner

The Banners of North East Collieries are large silk sheets painted on both sides with various designs and icons. Banners can be either portrait or landscape shaped and would have a 'device' painted in either a roundel or rectangle. The sheet would be supported by two carrying poles joined by a cross-member and held steady with four guide ropes. All the banners were different and were coloured boldly and richly textured.

Burnhope local history enthusiasts are in the process of commissioning a new Colliery Banner. Our Society are watching their progress with a view to commissioning a new Marley Hill Colliery Banner to replace the one stolen (pictured below).

The Burnhope Committee have allowed us to attend their meetings and listen in on there proceedings, with representatives of the Company commissioned to produce the new banner in attendance. We will be given details of the transactions including their bid for grants. We will then meet with our Committee to decide what action we will take.

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