(in the photo above L to R; Kyrah, Kelsy, Caroline, Estephani, Lisa Marie, Zoe, Cain & Pip)

Youth Focus North East have given Future You participants the chance to study a Level 2 qualification in Youth Work Principles at their offices, located in the heart of the Bensham community and already five young people have taken the opportunity to learn more about youth work and gain crucial experience for a career in the field.

We caught up with the participants on the course: Daniel, Lisa Marie, Estefani, Kelsy, and Pip, as well as their course tutors Zoe and Caroline.

The course began in mid-February and for four months the participants will be taking part in teaching sessions, 1-2-1 support sessions, and completing written assignments. Combined with a work placement this gives give them the best start in pursuing a career in youth work or other related business opportunities.

Daniel, who has taken courses related to youth work in the past, said he’d not come across a course as extensive and all-encompassing as this one:

“I had done modules in the past, in different places and at different times, but liked the idea of this qualification as it brings everything together under one course.”

Some of the course content was more challenging than he had come across before, but this didn’t perturb Daniel in the pursuit of his goals:

I needed the qualification in order to progress with my business plan idea. So, it’s really putting the building blocks in place for that."

Estephani echoed these sentiments and reflected on how the course, although challenging, was especially useful as it gave both the knowledge required to provide youth work but also could lead to a work placement - using the skills they’d learned in the classroom in a real-life environment.

Lisa Marie said that the certificate would be helpful evidence in helping them in getting a job.

The engaging content, varied delivery methods and real-world application of the learning, combined with consideration for the learning needs of everyone involved has given the course a great start and we wish each of the participants all the best in completing the course and finding their wings with their future careers.

If you would like to find your wings through Future You call 0191 300 3900 to chat with a member of our friendly support team, or email support@futureyougateshead.org 

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