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Felling Male Voice Choir is planning for a return to ‘live’ performances with positive signs on the easing of restrictions.

The choir is keen to get back to entertaining audiences with their music and starting to celebrate their Centenary. This began 3 weeks ago with rehearsals outdoors with safeguarding measures. Members have continued to rehearse at home during lockdown using ‘Zoom’ and teaching tracks.

Now it is ‘full steam ahead’ for this famous local choir in their preparations and they are certainly marking their exit from Covid in style!

Now we’ve got the vaccine!

The Men of Felling are marking their exit from Covid-19 restrictions with the launch of a new fun musical video!

The video which has been produced ‘in house’ by the choir over the last few months is their way to celebrate release from restrictions and hopefully an early return to some normality.

You will be able to find the video on YouTube but it will be linked to the choir’s website,

The Drunken Sailor in the Felling Style!

‘What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor’ has been in the repertoire of Felling Male Voice Choir for many years!

Who would have believed that there would be a 2021 version and it would become the soundtrack for the ‘Drunken Sailor Covid Release’? Well, that is the case with the opening line of ‘What shall we do now we’ve got our lives back’.

The storyline takes members of the choir through their experience of restrictions to an adapted version of the traditional song.

It concludes with ‘So, join our choir and get your life back, way hay, it’s goodbye Covid, we’ve all had the vaccine.’

Would you like to be part of this top North East choir?

Felling Male Voice Choir is in a great position to offer new recreational opportunities through singing. The choir continues to work within recommended Covid-19 guidelines.

Some males may have been struggling because of social isolation because of the pandemic whilst others may be adjusting to early retirement or homeworking.

On the other hand, some ladies may be looking to have a ‘night on their own’ and would like to find a new pastime for their partners.

Then there are singers who are looking for a new challenge! And let us not forget those who just love singing but have never had the confidence to consider joining a choir!

If you tick any of these boxes, would like a new lifestyle balance and would be interested in joining a great bunch of guys, then check out this link, or Email:


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