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Bensham Prince's Trust Team Programme

Bensham Prince's Trust Team Programme are an education based, 12 week course for young adults aged 16 to 25. The main purpose of our course is to have developed team members to a point where they feel more confident speaking to employers during job interviews. (Hopefully leading to a job offer). To get team members to that point our course is set up to develop different skills at different times. Please see our recruitment posters for full course breakdown. however here is a brief breakdown of the 12 weeks.  We will take them on a 4 day outward bound residential to help break comfort zones, we get the team involved in fundraising activities for a community project that we will also work on, we get involved with organisations that the team may not ordinarily deal with. they perform work experience for 2 weeks before developing CV's and employment skills and they will perform a presentation to bring the course to an end. Team members will then receive a nationally recognised qualification in Employability, Teamworking and Community Skills. We would like to use this OurGateshead's page to recruit for new team members and to find any community projects in the Gateshead areas.