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Huntington's Disease Association

The Huntington's Disease Association is committed to supporting people affected directly or indirectly by Huntington's Disease.  There is a Specialist HD Adviser working to support families in the North East affected by Huntington's Disease, offering advice, information and a listening ear.  The Specialist HD Adviser also offers advice and training to professionals working with people with Huntington's Disease.  

If you would like to speak to the Specialist HD Adviser please contact John Gregor on 07900922522 or email We have an online North East Support Group that meets virtually every 2 months. 

To check meeting dates and times please contact John Gregor on 07900922522 or email The aim of the meetings is to offer mutual support in a friendly atmosphere.  The meetings are open to anyone who is in a family where there is Huntington's, whether you carry the gene yourself, are at risk, or are a partner or other family member.

The Huntington's Disease Association runs a regular programme of free Webinars on topics of interest to people living in families where there is Huntington's Disease Association.  These are listed on the Events page of our website.

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Huntington's Disease Association
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