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The National Get Set to Go project has now started, initially as a three year programme that aims to improve the lives of 75,000 people with mental health problems by sustaining access to sport in their communities, with thanks to support from Sport England and the National Lottery.

Here at Tyneside & Northumberland Mind we are proud to be one of the eight regional Mind organisations to be successful at receiving the Get Set to Go project funding! There is good evidence that participating in physical activity is associated with the following benefits:

  • Improved mental health and wellbeing
  • Reduction in stress, anxiety and depression
  • More energy for day to day activities
  • Improved confidence, motivation and self-esteem
  • Weight loss, improved body shape and posture
  • Improved social life, meeting new people and having some fun

The Get Set to Go project aims to improve the quality of life for adults with a mental health problem through sustained access to sport and physical activity in their local community. Taking part in any form of exercise that you enjoy can give you goals to achieve and a sense of purpose. The project seeks to help overcome the barriers someone with a mental health issue may face when wanting to become more physically active.

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