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Your Independent, advisory contact by Tenants for Tenants on all matters on Housing.  On the 8th September 2010 the Gateshead Tenants Forum, under its Constitution, was officially disbanded at a re-convened Annual General Meeting by a unanimous vote of members present.   It was further agreed that the Tenants Advisory Group would continue as a separate Independent Organisation in order to continue to assist all residents with independent advice by Tenants for Tenants.   At an Inaugural meeting, to be held in October 2010, adoption procedures for a new constitution, code of conduct, election of officers, the setting of protocols and the launch of a new website will be debated and agreed. Further details will be published.   Presently, the Council is setting up an Independent Tenants Organisation which we are advised will go live during October 2010. We welcome this long-overdue Council commitment and have expressed our intention to participate in it.   From 1 April 2010, The Tenant Services Authority, have empowered Tenants to hold their Landlord to account. You may register with the TAG through this site.   If you are interested in getting involved in the Council's new organisation please contact the team on 0191 211 2990 or visit their web site at    

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