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Gateshead Goes Local

Gateshead Goes Local has £2.2million of European funding to strengthen economic growth and jobs in disadvantaged areas within the borough between 2017-2022. The aim of the programme is to encourage local groups and organisations rooted within communities to design and deliver projects that will increase employment, support new business, help grown existing businesses and improve opportunities for local residents. A Local Action Group (LAG) has been formed, which consists of a mixture of community, voluntary, private and public-sector representatives, who will consider all grant applications and oversee delivery. Gateshead Council is the Accountable Body. Size of grants available: Minimum £10,000, Maximum £100,00 (£150,000 in certain circumstances if agreed by the LAG). Up to 50% match funding can be secured for ESF projects and up to 60% for all ERDF initiatives. Minimum total project size £20,000 to maximum £200,000 including match funding.

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Yvonne Gill

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Gateshead Goes Local
Civic Centre
Regent Street
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