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Emrys Pritchard

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United Kingdom

54.946852003681, -1.6504677447116

A swimming club based on traditional values of fun, fitness and competition.

Our club has been in existence for more than 100 years. It’s changed its profile a few times during that period, to eventually become Gateshead & Whickham ASC. A club that provides a borough wide centre for swimming that encourages enjoyment and progression within the sport.

We are one of the foremost swimming clubs in the country with a history of individuals competing successfully at international level.

We are a professionally run amateur swimming club. Every section of the club provides access to qualified coaches. We run regular Open competitions that draw swimmers from all over the country.

We encourage participation at all levels …

  • from youngsters learning to swim …
  • to those who dream of swimming at the Olympics …
  • to those who‘ve become ‘Masters’ and still want to compete …
  • to those who simply want to swim to keep fit.
Areas covered