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Council Crisis support

Gateshead Council is offering two types of support:

Crisis awards 
Urgent need as a consequence of an emergency, disaster, unforeseen circumstance or pressing need that is strikingly different from the pressures generally associated with managing on a low income and where a household has insufficient resources to meet an urgent need that poses an immediate and substantial risk to their health and safety.

Community support 
Support to help vulnerable people live independent lives to remain and become integrated into the community. To be eligible for support, you will need to demonstrate that you have exceptional needs. You will need to be on means tested benefits (or have applied for these) to be eligible and we will check this with the Department for Work and Pensions. You will be expected to provide firm evidence of your situation to us before we would offer you any support. We will check the information you provide with other people - for example, your social worker or support worker. Support is available to Gateshead Council residents only.

More details can be found on the council website

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