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Chopwell & Blackhall Mill Live at Home Scheme

Providing services for older people in the local community The aim of our Scheme is to encourage and enable older people to remain in their own homes and to retain their independence for as long as they wish and are able to do so. Also, to combat social isolation in this rural area and assist our Members to be included/involved in their local community again. Our scheme aims to achieve this by providing a range of “preventative “services that are aimed at reducing social isolation and empowering service users thus avoiding or delaying the need for more intense services. The area has a very high number of older people per population and many have a range of disabilities and ill health and in particular the Men with long term illness caused by working in the Mining Industry. Chopwell and Blackhall Mill are ex Mining Villages and are classed as areas of social and economic deprivation. There are no cafés, limited shopping and the transport service is poor. There are no Dentist or Optician services in the area. Our Scheme offers a support service to 90 older people who may be isolated, lonely or unable to get out. We encourage people to regain lost confidence and assist them regardless of disability to enjoy a wide range of services and companionship. We provide activities and a diverse range of services for older people with varying disabilities, the majority being aged 80 years and over. Service details Price: Activities start from £2.50 Operating hours: Most of our activities start at 11 a.m and run for 2 to 3 hours. How service is accessed: Referral or direct contact Area covered: Chopwell and Blackhall Mill

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