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Interested in youth work? We will help you experience working with young people as well as develop skills and real-life experience of the role.      

Youth Focus North East is able to offer through the Future You project work experience opportunities for any resident of Gateshead who is economically inactive or unemployed. 

Anyone who is considering whether youth work might be the perfect job for them, or would like to find out what is involved in youth work, can take the opportunity to experience what it’s like working with young people as well as developing skills and real-life

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Thinking of getting a job in care or retail? We offer experience of working in these areas, where you can develop the skills you’ll need to get a job.

Age UK Gateshead is able to offer through the Future You project work experience opportunities for any resident of Gateshead who is economically inactive or unemployed.  

For people who are thinking about whether the care or retail sectors could provide them the opportunity for employment, this work experience will give them the answer. The care and retail sectors are currently understaffed, so the experience gained will be invaluable in

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Two week telephone skills and call centre training, building skills for life and work with a guaranteed interview for any future roles for anyone finishing the course.                                                                         
Using the telephone to have a conversation is a key skill which many find challenging due to lack of experience or confidence. The current climate forces many interactions onto the telephone which could have been face to face previously, which is creating a barrier for people looking for work and having to attend telephone interviews, and taking on work in

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Unsure what to do next to get back into employment? Whatever your starting point we can help you on your journey and realise your potential.           

The Working Gateshead employment support programme helps Gateshead residents to make positive steps towards employment.  They may be out of work, trying to secure their first job, or just starting to think about work as an option. Whatever their starting point the Working Gateshead employment support programme is designed to help them on their journey to realising their potential and being able to thrive.  


The Working

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This programme is designed to equip people who are vulnerable and at risk of homelessness, or who are new to renting and managing a home, with the knowledge and skills to sustain and maintain their tenancies and homes.

The holistic support for vulnerable tenants programme is designed to help people who are often described as “difficult to engage and hard to reach”, are vulnerable and at risk of homelessness or new to renting and managing a home, with the objective of preventing homelessness and equipping them with the knowledge and skills to sustain and maintain their tenancies/homes.  

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If you’re under 25 and have lost confidence in your support network, we can help you work out what you need for a new direction forward.        


This programme is designed for isolated under 25’s who have dis-engaged from support services. They may be facing multiple challenges which are stopping them from re-engaging with support, or they might not know where they can find that support. This tailored programme will break down the barriers and offer them the direction and help they need to make progress towards employment. 


The range of provision is designed to help

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After time away from work as a carer, looking for a job can be daunting, so why not learn about the current job market and re-build your confidence.


After time away from a formal workplace it can be daunting thinking about looking for a job and knowing what types of job to apply for. This programme is designed for anyone aged 50+ who has been a carer and feels out of touch with the current job market or that needs help to re-build their confidence once caring responsibilities have ended and they don’t know where to go next. With this support they will be able to move in a new direction

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Want help with managing money, have confidence in making the right decisions, making budgets and getting the financial support available to you?     

This programme is designed to provide advice and support for people needing help with managing money, to empower them to have the confidence to manage their income, make positive decisions with their money, understand the implications of work on managing a budget, as well as the financial support that’s available to them.

Good financial skills remove a barrier and increase confidence, allowing people to focus on other areas of their life

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Relax with a hot cuppa and some friendly faces while you pick up some helpful tips and ideas to manage your budget and develop new skills. The Martin Lewis recommended Christians Against Poverty Life
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Bus stop map with each destination labelled with a different form of abuse - upskirting, verbal abuse, exposing, touching, intrusive staring. 'The end of the line for unwanted sexual behaviour.' logos for Kim McGuinness Police and Crime Commissioner, Rape Crisis, and Safer Transport Northumbria

Safer Transport Northumbria – that’s the name of the app that transport users across Northumberland, Tyne and Wear are being urged to download as part of a regional effort to help make our transpo